Pest Control Belfast

belfast warehouse heat treatment

BMSB Treatment

We are the only BMSB Profume fumigator treatment provider in Ireland. In the UK we are the ONLY approved heat treatment provider and only one of two approved for Profume use.

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belfast warehouse heat treatment

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a chemical method for pest control Belfast it's effective against insects such as timber pests and bed bugs. Termapest are at the forefront of using non-toxic treatments as a standalone alternative.

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Silo cleaning northern ireland

Silo & Bin Cleaning

In the production industry it is a necessity to have your silos & industrial bins cleaned. Termapest offers to use our innovative heat treatment plan to quickly hot wash and dry your silo ensuring that it's sterilized and available for use immediately.

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belfast Pre harvest cleaning grain shed spraying

Pre harvest cleaning & grain spraying

It is important to make sure your harvest and grain sheds are kept hygienic and sterile as pests can cause some serious health problems and damage your product/harvest. Here at Termapest we aim to use our IPM (integrated pest management) strategy to prevent such problems occurring.

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belfast fumigation of buildings and warehouses

Fumigation of Buildings, Warehouses, Silos & Mills

We here at Termapest with our experience in fumigation aim to be quick, productive and use cost-effective strategies to be thorough in the fumigation process making sure that all pests have been dealt with properly.

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belfast fumigation of grain stores

Fumigation of commodities under Sheeting, Grain Stores & Timber

Termapest aims to quickly eliminate all form of pest with efficiency. With 15 years experience in fumigation we will be thorough in eradicating all form of pests.

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belfast container fumigating

Fumigation of Containers

Fumigating cargo containers is essential in order to prevent cross-border transport of disease, pests, etc . We can also vent imported containers, we also deal with imported cargo quarantined by port authorities.

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pest control spraying belfast

Grain Spraying & Chemical Sales

Here at Termapest we have a selection of chemicals that can be helpful in dealing with your pest problems. Contact us for more information on what chemical would be best for your situation.

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belfast anti-bacterial treatments against salmonella etc

Anti-Bacterial Treatments against Salmonella, E-Coli, etc.

Here at Termapest we offer anti-bacterial treatments to reduce the risk of illness, pests are known for carrying illnesses such as e-coli, salmonella, etc... This service is here to decrease that risk.

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belfast bird control and proofing

Bird Control & Proofing (with emphasis on humane)

Birds can be a problem whether you are a house owner or you own a business they can cause notable damage to your property. Here at Termapest we put an emphasis in dealing with birds in a humane and safe way.

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belfast insect treatment

Insect Treatment

Termapest offers assistance in getting rid of any insect infestation with the latest methods and technology. Once the pest problem has been dealt with we also provide you with the knowledge and preventative measures to ensure that future infestations can be easily dealt with.

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belfast wasp and ant treatments

Wasp and Ant Treatments

We offer a safe and danger free solution for removal of a wasp hive, ant hills and anything similar.

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belfast rodent control

Rodent Control

Unwanted pests are a problem and can be dangerous to your health. At Termapest we offer innovative and effective solutions to help deal with these problems.

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belfast ship de-ratting and insect control

Ship deratting & sanitation

The requirement for a ship sanitation certificate has been implemented in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales by an amendment regulation to the Public Health (Ships) Regulations. Termapest carries out a deratting service under the supervision of Port Health Officers (The Competent Authority) prior to issuance of the SSCC (Ship Santitation Control Certificate)

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belfast supply and service of electronic fly killers

Supply and service of electronic fly killers

Termapest offers a wide variety of electronic fly killers for dealing with pesky flies, wasps, etc...

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belfast fly screens and doors

Fly Screens and Doors

Why let flies be a nuisance here at Termapest we offer a variety of special fly screens and doors to help keep them out without causing any inconvenience.

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belfast thermal fogging treatment

Thermal Fogging Treatments

Thermal fogging is a smoke odor removal process that recreates the fire related properties of heat and pressurization this is great for dealing with cockroaches, ants, flies etc...

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belfast ulv ultra low volume treatments

ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Treatments

ULV is a method for the application of pesticides, ULV spraying is designed to produce small droplets to ensure an even coverage of the given area.

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belfast speialist pressure washing

Specialist industrial pressure washing & masonry cleaning

We offer specialized industrial grade pressure washers to ensure the cleanliness of your property when dealing with pest problems.

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belfast independant auditing and monitoring

Independent Audit Monitoring and Reporting

This service offers to send someone out to give a review on the steps being taken to ensure work safety and hygiene to ensure no infestations.

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belfast free insect identification service

Free Insect Identification Service

Here at Termapest we offer a free service to help identify any form of insect. whether you are home or abroad this service is available to you.

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belfast accident investigations

Accident investigation

At Termapest we offer to do an accident investigation report usually for the insurers or P&I clubs, so it would usually be a report done in the shipping industry following death or injury from toxic gases.

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belfast Oil & Gas industry confined space clearance

Oil & Gas Industry

In the oil & gas industry pests can be a major threat. Rats being one the biggest threats as they can cause severe damage to equipment meaning invaluable time loss. At termapest we understand the need to deal with this problem quickly and precise. We also provide a certification service mostly towards the oil & gas industry.

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fumigation of ships belfast

Fumigation and Degassing of Ships

We can fumigate your ship and cargo when it's stationary or in-transit. Termapest can ensure a safe and efficient fumigation process to protect against the threat of pests, using hydrogen Phosphide.

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