Fumigation for pests on shipping and cargo in the UK.

Termapest are certified pest fumigation professionals. Specialising in fumigation and heat treatment of pests in shipping containers, ports, on cargo, domestic and commercial buildings throughout the UK.

Termapest choose Fumigation, because it is one of the most effective techniques of pest control. Termapest only use the highest quality fumigation techniques, which includes the chemical Phosphine gas for commodity fumigation such as, grains.

Another chemical, used is Profume Gas for the treatment of pests in empty mills, large storage facilities as well as timber. Most importantly for the treatment of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) in shipping and cargo. It quickly penetrates the fumigated area, is effective against a variety of stored product pests, and dissipates rapidly during aeration.

    Think you may have a pest infestation or are you looking for a professional pest prevention team. With over 25 years experience in pest control, fumigation and heat treatment, Termapest will complete a full inspection and report all findings on site.

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Fumigation of Commercial and Residential buildings, pest control in UK & Ireland.

Fumigation of Buildings, Warehouses, Silos & Mills

We here at Termapest with our experience in fumigation aim to be quick, productive and use cost-effective strategies to be thorough in the fumigation process making sure that all pests have been dealt with properly. Thinking of Fumigation - Termapest on of the leading Fumigation and pest control specialists in both UK & Ireland.

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Fumigation of grain in Cargo, shipments and Fumigation of containers in UK & Ireland.

Fumigation of commodities under Sheeting, Grain Stores & Timber

Termapest aims to quickly eliminate all form of pest with efficiency. With 15 years experience in fumigation we will be thorough in eradicating all form of pests.

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Fumigation of Cross border cargo containers - service in UK & Ireland.

Fumigation of Containers

Fumigating cargo containers is essential in order to prevent cross-border transport of disease, pests, etc. We can also vent imported containers, we also deal with imported cargo quarantined by port authorities.

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Fumigation is a multi-stage procedure

The first step involves preparation. The infested area that needs fumigation is covered with a tarp or tent to create a sealed environment.The second step is the main stage in which the actual fumigation is performed. The fumigant is released into the affected space. This space is then contained for a specific period (a couple of days, usually) with entry of individuals forbidden. This furlough allows the fumigant gas to percolate through the space in an effort to obliterate the infestation.

The third step involves preparing the space to be used in its normal way. This stage involves ventilation.The space is ventilated so that the toxic gases have a way to escape from the space. We then test the air in each room using an Interscan to confirm aeration quality post-ventilation before permitting people to reoccupy the building, port, cargo or infected area.

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Termapest have a various range of professional fumigation techniques, depending on the project. However the best way to prevent the cargo from being infected, is to make sure that all containers or shipments are tested, to see if they may need fumigation to ensure that no insect pests are present upon arrival at the port of discharge. Termapest are proud to work alongside many ports throughout the UK, in order to prevent such infestations from occurring.

Termapest also provide fumigation services to both residential and commercial properties, this includes initial testing and auditing, to determine the severity of the infestation and the correct techniques to implement.