Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Pest Control UK & Ireland

What is Brown Marmorated Sting Bug?

The brown marmorated stink bug with it's scientific name of Halyomorpha halys, are large, oval or shield-shaped insects. Hence the name...these bugs give off a stink, which they produce as a defence mechanism against predators.

Where is the Stink Bug found?

The BMSB originated from Asia so its predominantly from that area. The regulations now applies to shipments from the USA, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Greece, Hungary, Romania and Georgia.

The UK is not yet on the red list, but it will only be a matter of time before the bug is well establish here too. At present, Australia and New Zealand are the main countries which we have to treat for ZERO tolerance of BMSB.


What damage Brown Marmorated Stink bug cause?

Its important to remember that BMSB pose no risks to humans other than a horrible nuisance, however they have a high security risk for Gardens, Fruit plants, crops and especially cargo and shipments. If Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is found on shipments it can have devastating effects to cars and other high value products.


Pest Control Treatment

All pest control treatment providers MUST registered under the off-shore treatment scheme and must have demonstrated their capacity to conduct brown marmorated stink bug treatments for applicable consignments. The Methods used are as follows: Sulfuryl fluoride fumigation methodology & Heat treatment methodology.


Why Termapest?

Terampest Ltd are certified in ALL treatments above, we are the only Brown Marmorated Stink Bug off shore provider in Ireland to use Profume fumigator treatment and we are the ONLY approved heat treatment provider in the UK! If you have a BMSB issue or even think may have , contact Termapest straight away.


Planning to import or export?

Termapest are the leading treatment providers in the UK & Ireland for BMSB


Offshore BMSB treatment providers scheme

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BMSB, what happens to your goods when importing during BMSB season, call Termapest your leading approved treatment provider.


What happens to your goods on arrival during the BMSB season

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BMSB causes a big stink on cargo for thousands of new cars!

Crisis in Australia

A big stink has been kicked up in what is becoming an annual problem for car-makers and buyers alike...

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